Amy Gunther and crew
Thora of Club Tatoo and her Ladies

We did a shoe collab with Chester Benington of Linkin Park/Club Tatoo and Partyed our asses off all night


Mike said…
Yo, for real... Any mother fucker who wears Etnies, might as well get a fuckin sex change and trani it out like the fuckin faggot etnie wearer you are. I was at Max Fish in NYC tonight, and saw about 8 dudes from the etnies skate team get punked like a bunch of bitches by two other dudes. Not only were the two dudes out numbered, but the pink pantie wearin etnie fucks were using their skate boards as weapons. And to top it all off, after gettin made for the bitches they are, the little fuckin faggots went and called the cops cause them fucks were shook as fuck and scared like some bitches. Especially this guido ass new jersey ass midget mother fucker who started the whole shit. mother fucker talks some shit, gets straght Deboed to the ground lookin all bambi eyed and shit, gets up and hits home boy with a skate board and doesnt even phase the foo. then his slut of a girl friend starts screming and yelled for the other little faggots to come out, and those mother fuckers with their boards as weapons didnt do shit but call 5-0 like a bunch of Etnie ass, fag ass, jersey guido ass, greasy ass, medget skater bitches.
Seriously, who the fuck calls the cops on some fools that beat your ass, when they did so outnumbered and without weapons? I'll tell you who, faggot ass pink pantie wearin Etnies skater bitches. Go the fuck back to long island or hoboken or where ever the fuck you're from you bitch ass mother fuckers..
And if you wear etnies or are thinkin about wearin etnies, you might as well pack heat with your crew of pussy ass urban clowns, so next time you can actually get somethin done.
I feel bad for the corporate fucks at etnies who actually give these bitches money to represent their brand. Talk about a bad look. Man the fuck up you fucks. might as well trade your skate shoes in for balet slippers, and trade your boards in for police badges, narc ass, faggot ass faggots!

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