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One of my favorite bands with my favorite restaurant owner Lauren from Ideya modeling in the video( ) back in the days and great times, also young Chloe before she became a superstar love my crew


Night begins in front of Supreme with Pooky and Jordan waiting for Mikey the cop
Arrive to Epstiens first person i see is Rodney Torres ready to eat the hell out of the wings
ready to paint the town
Judge and Host Elijah wood and Dave Ortiz
Part Owner of Epstiens Pat Conlon chillin with the Shut crew
Made a run to Max fish on the early side and Ran into Boscoe and John Grigley
The lovely Razo brothers
On my way out of the Fish to run into the big man on campus Carlo Mc Cormick
Pit stop at my favorite Pizzeria
Back to The Lord of the wings eating contest

Photograper of the year Jeff Pliskin

Chuck, ELi and Black Matt cheesing
Dan Grath winner of the LORD OF THE WINGS
Eli and El Toro
WERE BETTER THAN THEM.!!!! ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian chillin


Starting out the morning was ruff from last nights round circle in the hotel room but we made it.
Rob Mate holding it down for LRG bright and early
Luis warming up
Now all i have to say Gooie Looies is the F'ing place to each cheesesteaks, holy crap i would be 500 pounds if they had one in NY. So tasty and good. Thank you NICK for making sure the spot was there. This place is a hidden Jem
Rodney Smith and Michael Cohen chowing doooooooown to the last drop
The Brian Tucci High ollie contest begins
Luis making sure they got it right

Well i don't even have to show it but Luis Tolentino won once again at 39inches with a huge sandwich in his guts 20 minutes before the contest.
Luis and Tucci mugging it up.... The Focus tradeshow was very fun and organic looking forward to be apart of it in June, it was great to be in Phillie and seeing everyone there.


Shut generals Nick, Cohen and my new favorite ripper Spivey killed the mini ramp Jam look out for this kid cause he's going to grace pages of your favorite skate magazines and videos
Phil Ladjanski came thru and chatted it up with us in the booth, he's is a rad bro..!!!!
Rodney Smith and Nick who showed us what Phillie is about
Luis tolentino has a posse and ready to ollie his ass off
The Mayor of Phillie Mr. Ricky Oyola representing
Big ollies everywhere on the mini ramp jam
The Pit crew always represents
lil Leo killed the mini ramp doing Miller flips and won the jam
yes yes Jimmy and Bobby showing mad love
Lil Leo has a posse also and he's ready to climb the ladder
Dominican Rum jumping ollie flying Tolentino ready to blast it tomorrow
Mr. Smith prepping the crew at the hotel
Special guest Barker Barrett shared some stories to the young ones
Derrik Rinaldi came from his job late style and showed some love for a Skate Daily session

Day 1 in Phillie was awesome, saw so man…