Thursday, April 11, 2013


 The HH Classic always begins with a game of basketball
 Max Fish vs Red bull for 2 15 minute quarters
 Danimal saving up some energy to play Dodge ball right after
 Red Bull Team wins

 Joe Latimore one of the main organizers of the HH classic smiling all night

 Some Spectators showing up for support.
 Team Fox had some plans for the night
 Balls of Fury getting ready to get handled
 and the shit talking begins
 D.J. Josh Wildman setting up the pace
 Referee Joe Lat blows the whistle

 The Game was fun and intense, Balls flying everywhere

 Then we moved on to the chicken wing eating contest, why chicken you may ask? Because Harold LOVED chicken so in his honor we had to represent for him.
 The challengers getting prepared to try to beat last years winner. DANIMAL

 DANIMAL goes right into it
 The kids are trying

 Danimal wins again, maybe we can get better challengers next year
The Hundreds win the dodge ball tournament. Mother nature pissing down on us couldn't stop the fun. Thanking everyone who came and supported the Harold Hunter Foundation last night. Harold is smiling as we speak.



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