Monday, October 15, 2012

BOWL - A - RAMA pics

 These two made it Happen for NY Steve Van Doren and Chad Ford
 Glen E. Friedman showing the youth a good time

 My partner (FULL BLEED) Ivory Serra

 HOSOI Slashing and flying all over the place
 EL SENOR Spencer Fujimoto cheering on the boys practicing on the other bowl
 Javier "Hands" Nunez and Gizmo approve
 The Cab man whipping around the coping


 Chris Pastras letting us know how its really going down
 Hosoi and Grosso kicking it

 doing a interview with Tony Magnusson
 Phone break with Lance
 Legendary skate photographer MOFO

 Nico Grigley

 Ray Mate and son coming in Mighty Healthy
 Puppet and Family
 The King of NY skateboarding Ryan Hickey and his boys from the days of young


 That's right need i say more
 John Lucero and John Grigley having a good ol' time as usual
 TRE TRUCK crew holding it down
 Surprise vist from Ted Newsome Rick and the lovely couple Edina and Simon
 Judges this is a tuff decision
 Chris Miller and Lance relaxing after some great runs
 Monihan showing how to stick it to the coping

 One of the most amazing filmers in NYC RB Umali
 Good Vibes with Ron Chapman
 El Gato was ripping it up for the 40 and over club

 Judges say Cheese!!!
 Rad Brade from rad collector getting all the info he needs from this spectacular event
Billy Waldman one of the original Shut Skateboards is back from Brazil

Finally I was able to get to my computer and upload these photos. Bowl - A -Rama was seriously one of the best skate events that has happen in NY for a while especially in this caliber. Be sure to see this again next year. Thanks to everyone that supported this.


Photos by: Alex Corporan

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