Monday, April 27, 2009


Starting the day with the boys setting up as Ritchie cools of on his wonderful deck he provided for BBQ action
Set up Crew taking a break before the action starts
the lovely food starts coming up

Viktor stoked on a wonderful day
Abdul arrives its about to get Ish!!!!!!!
Orion setting up the pool
Look down at Orions feet, Find out were wearing the same kicks... Must say they are the best Jordans ever in my opinion
Viktor and the Master of Ceromony Ritchie chatting it up
Setting up the Barbie......
Vivian tanning it up
Here i go in my Conan pose ready to Chop some meat up and cook it up

Brian and Orion
Abdul having an Usher moment

Burgers anyone
Brian taking a splash
Da boys Adul, Ritchie, Alex and Brian

Grilled Vegatables bring the best out of people
Will in food coma position
My lovely Sheila showing people how to eat King Crab Legs, crack it open some salt and lime and boom!! a tasty treat

Papa 1 40 shows up all the way from uptown again
more ladies hanging tuff

Once the Top Hat comes on it means its full fledge party
cause its Bubble bath time
The grill is God

the End of a great BBQ, i think i cant eat for a couple of days -THANKS RITCHIE


ladyshark said...

I love it!!!!

Sasser said...

Awesome Pics love me some cool guys all hot with no shirts now thats a barbie:) Good Times. xoSasser